The USBR has called for the delivery to its “Refill 2” water right beginning on June 28. 2017 at Palisades Dam.  Milner Spill is projected to cease on 7/2/2017.  Recharge water rights and all water rights junior to May 1, 2014 are projected to be curtailed in the following reaches on the projected dates below:

·         Henrys Fork Basin curtailed 6/27/2017

·         Snake River Irwin to Idaho Falls curtailed 6/28/2017

·         Idaho Falls to Blackfoot curtailed 6/29/2017

·         American Falls to Minidoka curtailed 7/1/2017

·         Minidoka to Milner curtailed 7/2/2017.


If Milner Spill continues until 7/3/2017, an additional day should be added to the above curtailment dates for water rights issued after May 1, 2014.  If Milner Spill ceases on 7/4/2018, add two days to the above curtailment dates….and so on.  Any diversions diverting water out-of-priority after these projected curtailment dates will be charged with diverting storage which will be deducted from their upcoming storage allocations.